Built Tough with Many Standard Features and Benefits:

Fully Enclosed

All Aluminum

Insulated Doors and Roof

Secure with Three Locking Points on Each Door

Totally Accessible

Large Panels for Logos

LED Brake Lighting

Saves Your Knees and Back


Engineered Using Latest Technology

Light Weight

Reduce Time Spent
at each Stop

Powder Coating Paint

Fully Skirted Wheel Wells

Transferable from Truck to Truck

No Rust

Exceptionally Strong


Tel: (801) 280-4005

Fax: (801) 280-4028


WorkSystem Dimensions Chart

S p e c i a l i z e d   T r u c k   B o d i e s

O F F E R I N G   Y O U   M O R E !

More Cubic Feet than a Van! • More Work Space than a Pick-up Truck!
Peace of Mind
Knowing your Work Space and Equipment are Secured,

Well Organized, and Accessible!


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Farrier WorkSystems
Slide Out Bench Grinder and Drill Press
Swing Out Forge
Storage Bins for All Supplies
Tools and Anvil Racks


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Auto Glass WorkSystems
Ten position Windshield Rack
Urethane Adhesive Warmer
Air Compressor
Slide-Out Windshield Bench
120-Volt Power Inverter
Compartment Heater
12-Volt Battery
12-Volt Lighting


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Plumbing/HVAC WorkSystems
Bucket Racks
Slide-Out Vice Mounts
Slide-Out Pipe Threader Mounts
Tool Racks and Storage Bins
Small Slide-out Sheet Metal Break
12-Volt Lighting


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Use as a Covered Flatbed
Tampered Tongue and Groove Deck
Hold Downs in Bed
Cargo Strap Rails on Forward Wall
Keeps Load Protected from the Elements


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Comes in 5 Sizes
Mid-Size Short Bed
Midsize Long Bed
Full-Size Short Bed
Full-size Long Bed
Full-size Long Bed Dual Wheel

See Dimensions Chart

Tel: (801) 280-4005 • Fax: (801) 280-4028

3440 West 8500 South • West Jordan, Utah • 84088

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